Allahabad, India

Nectar of Immortality 

Fifty to one hundred million pilgrims were estimated to have made the journey to the confluence of the three holiest rivers in India during the epic Maha Kumbh Mela in 2013.  The Hindu belief is that good and evil fought over a cup (Kumbh) of nectar of immortality (Amrita) in the beginning of time.  During that twelve day fight, four droplets fell to the Earth.  Twelve God days is equivilent to twelve human years, therefore, every twelfth year, for thousands of years, they have come to the places where that nectar descended.  It is believed that the waters at the confluence cradle the power to break a Hindus cycle of reincarnation and when drank and bathed in, will grant them access to the afterlife.  2013 was marked as the world’s largest gathering of human beings ever.  Some thirty million were recorded on the single largest day.  A joyful occasion for all of those who made the journey to connect with something greater than themselves.