Allahabad, India

A Metaphor Before Us

For sixteen days I walked passed these doors in the village that seperated me from the  festival grounds at India’s Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest spiritual pilgrimage.  These doors, this scene, spoke to me on a deeper level, beckoning to be given a voice.  I haven’t photographed many doors in my time, but on that sixteenth day of passing them, I finally listened, I felt their intention strong enough to stop and create this image.  It wasn’t until I had returned home from India and was selecting the final pieces for my very first museum exhibition, that it occurred to me as to what these doors were intending to say.  The message is clear now.  The brown door represents the pilgrims plight, for most come by land.  The blue door to the left represents the waters for which the 80 million come.  The separation in the concrete represents the break in reincarnation and the stairs to the right allow them access to the heavens...a Metaphor Before Us, the story of Kumbh Mela.