Fate as we know it sometimes lies beyond our means of understanding and surfaces at just the right moment in our lives. Greg’s fate currently lies in the blue and green hands of a Black Hmong Villager from the northern highlands of Vietnam.

After ten successful years in the technology business, he resigned from his position in 2004 and traveled the world for one year. One image from that journey has stood out in its ability to inspire people. That image is the “Blanket Weaver”. Over the past few years this simple but striking image has surfaced as his signature piece and clearly embraces a story that he is intended to tell. Ultimately, he aims to return to Vietnam and find this woman who has changed his life.


Although he now shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR, Greg captured his early images from the initial one-year trip with a $400 OLYMPUS point and shoot camera with no formal training in photography or art. He has been given a gift and intends to return the favor by sharing a wonderful story with you.

Greg work has been exhibited at the Blanton Musuem, the Georgetown Art Center, the Abilene Contemporary Art Center, Open Shutter Gallery in Durango (group exhbiition juried by Steve McCurry), the Visions at the Paseo in Oklahoma City, Exposure Gallery of Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Austin Museum of Art's 'Night in the Galleries', the Museum of the Southwest in Midland, TX, the International Art Expo in New York City, Art City Austin, Houston’s Bayou City Arts Festival, Kansas City's Plaza Arts Festival, Madison's Art on the Square, Park City's Kimball Art Festival, the International Cultural Center at Texas Tech, Houston's Fotofest, Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, the Audi Forum in New York City and many other spaces around the nation.  He has also been published internationally in England, the United States, Papua New Guinea and Mexico and has works in private and institutional collections worldwide.


Greg's work has been published with the New York Times, nationalgeographic.com, National Geographic Creative’s Instagram, ATX Man Magazine, Citygram Magazine, Tribeza Magazine, MSNBC.com, Itchy Feet Magazine, Today's Machining World, Insite Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine, PDN Magazine, the Houston Chronicle, and the Austin American Statesman, among others.


Greg is a National Geographic Creative Photographer, a Founding Member of the Austin Center for Photography and a member of the Texas Photographic Society.  He is a regular contributor to the Annual Fundraiser at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Musuem and a contributor to the Austin non-profit, Well Aware, that provides innovative and sustainable solutions to water scarcity and contamination in Africa.

Greg’s most recent project took him to India where he attended the world’s largest spiritual pilgrimage, India’s Kumbh Mela. For millennia, every twelfth year, millions of devoted pilgrims have gathered at the confluence of the three holiest rivers. It was from this journey, that this twenty-four piece photographic exhibition and short film were born.  For more information on the film, visit www.clothpaperdreams.com


Where can you see his work next?  




BEST IN SHOW/PHOTOGRAPHY - Waterway Arts Fest, The Woodlands, TX

3rd IN SHOW - South Miami Art Festival, Miami, FL

BEST PHOTOGRAPHY - Sun Valley Art Fest, Sun Valley, ID

BEST 2D ART - Pearl Street Art Festival, Boulder, CO

REMI AWARD - 2015 Worldfest Film Festival, Houston, TX

BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY - 2014 Nacogdoches Film Festival, Nacogdoches, TX

BEST SHORT CINEMATOGRAPHY - 2014 Chicago International REEL Short Film Festival, Chicago, IL

BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY - 2014 Chicago International REEL Short Film Festival, Chicago, IL

BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY - 2015 Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Miami, FL

ART OF PHILANTHROPY AWARD - 2013 Winter Park Arts Festival - Edyth Bush Foundation, Winter Park, FL

INVITATIONAL AWARD - 2011 Madison Art in the Square, Madison, WI

BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY - 2011 Tulsa International Mayfest, Tulsa, OK

BEST IN SHOW - 2010 Castle Rock Arts Festival, Castle Rock, CO

SIGNED - MAY 2010 National Geographic Image Collection 

FEATURE ARTIST - 2010 Umlauf Garden Party, Austin, TX

PUBLISHED - SEPT 2010 www.nationalgeographic.com

1ST IN SHOW - 2009 Museum of the Southwest Septemberfest, Midland, TX

BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY - 2009 Stone Arch Arts Festival, Minneapolis, MN


BEST IN ART - 2008 Austin's Junior League Christmas Affair, Austin, TX

BEST IN SHOW - 2008 Museum of the Southwest Septemberfest, Midland, TXZ

BEST IN MEDIUM - 2008 Rockport Arts Festival, Rockport, TX

FEATURE ARTIST - 2007 La Dolce Vita at La Guna Gloria, Austin, TX

BEST IN SHOW - 2007 Museum of the Southwest Septemberfest, Midland, TX

OUTSTANDING ART - 2007 Dallas City Arts Festival, Dallas, TX

2ND IN SHOW - 2006 Museum of the Southwest Septemberfest, Midland, TX